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MCR Security is licensed by the PSA (License Number 000364). We provide a comprehensive range of bespoke security service solutions, tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients on a nationwide basis. Our clients are drawn from a broad range of sectors including construction, industrial, commercial, entertainment, retail and residential markets.


Our service packages include:

  • Guards Patrols

  • Consiars Duties

  • Key Holding

  • Monitoring Hub

  • Mobile Patrols


MCR Security’s unique bespoke service packages enables clients to choose the specific level of service that they require and to actively monitor how that package is working for them.

Zing Construction: Service Overview

Zing Design & Build Services are geared toward offering a balanced level of safety, quality and cost to client projects such as high-end retail fit-outs, modular construction and specific demolitions for private clients. 


Our service packages include:

Prefabricated Buildings 

Containerised Accommodation, Modular Buildings and Integrated Building Management 

Commercial Fitouts 

Office, Retail, Educational and Healthcare Fitouts and Vending Equipment 

Building Repairs 

Roof Repairs, Doors & Lock Repairs and Emergency Building Responses 

Renewable Energies 

Photovoltaic Panels, Thermal Heat Pumps and EV Charging Installations

Building Demolitions

Salvage & Recycling Management, Sensitive & Sustainable Demolition and Asbestos Removal 


Zing's unique bespoke construction and demolition packages enables clients to choose the specific level of service that they require.

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