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Zing GroundForce: Service Overview

The Zing GroundForce range of services are tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients on a case by case basis and our clients are drawn from a broad range of sectors including construction, industrial, commercial, entertainment, retail and residential markets.


Our service packages include:

Building Washing

Facade Washing, Roof & Gutter Cleaning, Street and Public Realm Cleaning  

Landscape Services

Soft Seasonal Maintenance, Pavement Routine Maintenance and Car Park Maintenance

Highway Services

Grass Cutting, Sign Washing and Road Markings.

Event Logistics

Crowd Management, Traffic Management and Site Rigging & Redressing

Vehicle Management  

Fleet Refreshing, Vehicle Recovery and Vehicle Transportation

Our professional, specifically trained and experienced staff are equipped to execute a wide range of ground services with the best of compliant equipment. 

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